Clockwise, from left: Luciana Martinez de la Rosa with a plate designed by the artist Trojan (he died before the project was completed), Barry Flanagan’s elephant plate, Kevin Whitney with his Olympic swimmer, Andrew Logan with his self-portrait as Alternative Miss World, Bruce McClean’s plate, Patrick Caulfield’s plate, Howard Hodgkin and plate, Craigie Atchison’s goat plate and Duggie Fields and Allen Jones with their plates.

I knew Andrew Logan and Duggie Fields from years before. Duggie who worked from his small flat in Earl's Court Square, across from where I shared a studio with Bob Carlos Clarke at 65 Earl's Court Square. Duggie originally lived there with an old friend of Philip Pace's, Jules, and a certain Sid Barrett, who at one time almost was Pink Floyd. He wrote virtually all of their debut album 'Piper At The Gates Of Dawn' and after he left/went solo (was thrown out), he produced 'The Madcap Laughs' the cover of which was Sid's room at Earl's Court Square. Barrett painted the floorboards for the picture by Mick Rock. Sid, the later recluse who became a legend in his own lunchtime and was later the subject of the Floyd's 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' off 'Wish You Were Here' -had a huge American car parked outside the mansion block and one day when an admirer knocked to ask him if he'd sell it, he agreed. The guy asked how much he wanted, and Barrett said, 'oh, a packet of fags?' -The guy went around the corner and bought the cigarettes and five minutes later was driving away in Barrett's car. Barrett died in 2006, still a recluse and still a fascination and enigma to fans.

Andrew Logan I knew and photographed in various home studios from a strange place (all his places were strange) overlooking Leicester Square, to his unit at Butler's Wharf on Tower Bridge (which was mysteriously burnt down when developers needed the arty residents paying a peppercorn rent out), to a place I nearly got with him in Spittalfields before it was developed and trendy. Andrew took this place on which was at the top of a huge industrial building and had a glass roof (Andrew can't resist anything glass), which extraordinarily enough was formerly a darkroom with all the panes painted black! Andrew lovingly scraped all the paint off and made it into a sort of crystal palace for his sculpture and strange environment which was all part of his work and world, including hia infamous Alternative Miss World. When this studio also expired, as most places he settles into seem to, he opened up a museum to his glory in Wales, which I keep meaning to visit, at Berriew, Nr Welshpool, Powys, Mid Wales, where he still is today.

Going back to the Butler's Wharf fire, I always remember Ed White the advertising photographer also had a studio there, and his stylist girlfriend saying after the blaze, that she always wondered where the studio was in relation to their nearby flat, which had a good view over London and the surrounding area. But she found out exactly where it was when it caught fire 'cause she saw the flames from her kitchen window when she was doing the washing up, only to later discover it was Ed's studio!

Other artists I've 'shot' have included Andy Warhol, Henry Moore, Ralph Steadman, Elizabeth Frink, Patrick Caulfield, Gerald Scarfe, Peter Blake, Roy Lichenstien, Bridget Riley, Raymond Briggs, David Shepherd, Richard Williams, David Oxtoby, Edward Bell and Michael Heath.

There's an incredibly interesting story about Luciana Martinez de la Rosa on Duggie Fields' site, on: