Somerset Brochure Design

We design brochures, reports, books, posters, advertisments,
magazines, stationery and all forms of design for print.

Victor Watts
35 Hobbs Road
Shepton Mallet
Somerset BA4 4LR

Telephone: 01749 344 663
Mobile: 07932 035 750


Based in central Somerset, we take jobs from initial concepts right through to the finished printed article, including photography, copywriting and print.

One of the great pleasures of working in the design field is being invited into someone else's world to learn what goes on there and how it works. You get to meet individuals within that organisation who contribute in different ways and will have independent ideas.

As a result, there may also be a range of contrasting opinions amongst client colleagues as to how new printed materials should be focused. A key priority might be to sell, inform, train, educate, motivate - or be a combination of any of these.

We aspire to always collaborate effectively and quickly to reach an organisation's collective aims, whatever they may be.

Whether you require brochures, leaflets, direct mail, newsletters, point of sale or other printed material, our literature design process is very flexible.

We believe that simple is good, but if complex works better, then complex can be good too. We believe that there are no hard and fast rules for successful design. We are proud to have no 'house style'. The most successful graphic design for any project will be defined by the client's corporate brand identity and brief.

Our approach to creating effective design is straightforward. We strive to build partnerships with our clients, breaking down the 'us and them' barriers to ensure clear, unclouded communication at all stages of the design process.