Father and son writers Adam and Nigel Nicholson drive separate cars across America, and culminate their trip with a meeting in Dodge City, for their travelogue book 'Two Roads to Dodge City' -and to illustrate this is my brief(!)

I did consider full western gear, but a) they might not agree to it, and b) I think it would be funnier dressed in their normal garb as if about to have a 'Shoot-out at The Old Coral Saloon or whatever those titles are? From that I thought it would be funnier too to not have guns at all, but to use their fingers.

The added smoke is not retouched in, but piped in up their respective trouser legs and down their coat sleeves, via a cigarette smoking assistant at either side (my hero Philippe Halsman would have taken this approach and even if a bit naff, it amused the writers and made them feel part of the process)

I got into the spirit of the whole thing by donning a paper cowboy outfit, (but later got arrested for rustling). After the shoot we all went off for a curry (after Adam said to Nigel, 'I don't know about you, but I could kill an Indian?').