Technical Toss: This cover took 3-days to shoot. Their idea for using a 100 light bulbs to signify 100 'Ideas' was followed by, -'well, we could either have them all with bulb holders and alight, or without holders and not alight?' I immediately wanted both. This involved shooting each bulb on a boom stand which disappeared behind it into the black velvet background, with wires running up the arm of same, which had to be soldered out of sight under the bulb (nice and dangerous if you forgot, and touched it to adjust its position), all of which was connected to a dimmer for controlling the ambient light burn-in after the rim-lighting flash had gone off.

Accusations & Alsations: This cover also generated a row with the stylist who claimed that you couldn't get 100 different types of light bulbs, and 'can't you just repeat some of them and make them look different?' Red rag to a bull, trolled the shops and made up the number to 100.

Did most of the photography for the 100 Ideas series which at later stages was referred to as 100 Nightmares.