Series of pantomime pictures created in my studio for The Radio Times Christmas issue. There was of course no actual pantomime, -it was all just a way of collectively showing everyone who was on the telly!

The cover features comedian and host Les Dennis.

Cinderella below, from left to right features Griff Rhys Jones, Mel Smith, Su Pollard, Karl Howman and Kenneth Connor.

Below that are Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders as two halves of a pantomime horse. Bruce Forsythe, Carmen Silvera and Ronnie Corbett are in the audience/royal box.

Further down in forest scene are Tony Robinson (Baldric), Buster Merryfield (Only Fools And Horses), as well as a couple of others whose names escape me.

Finally there's Bob Monkhouse climbing the beanstalk with Paul Shane (Hi-De-Hi!) as Widow Twanky or someone. The magazine were a bit concerned as to how safely the beanstalk was secured for Monkhouse to climb, as 'he's no spring chicken' they told me on the phone. Couldn't resist concealing how it was fixed and sticking a load of old sellotape at the top, as I knew they would look when they arrived at the studio! They always have to double-check you despite the fact that most of them can't do their own job properly, and are about as useless as a one-legged man in an arse-kicking contest.