From: David Myers, Hove:
Quantum mechanics may permit synchronicity of thought and computer software. I suggest that, on the quantum level, you were able to predict the card I selected even before I selected it. It is also possible that my brainwaves may influence your software. Although this seems far-fetched, we know that brainwaves are detectable with SQUID (superconducting quantum interference devices.)

From: Terry Pastor, Sudbury, Suffolk:
I really enjoyed the ESP Experiment. I have a theory as to how it works: One card is slightly "darker" and shadowed, and gives the impression of being at a slightly lower level than the others in a 3D sense. I think you are therefore drawn to pick that card. Looking forward to hearing the definitive answer.

From: Julie Plunkett, Bruton, Somerset:
I viewed the source code and could not discover understandable mathematical computations which would aid the web page in making a decision. However, I did note that if the user does not look at the card layout (thus denying the "web site" the opportunity to follow the user's eye movement), and that if the user decides beforehand which card to choose, that the ESP program fails to determine the user's card selection. Does the technology exist that would: (1) allow interaction between a server/program and a user to the extent that the server/program could scan the user's eye movement; (2) and, precise enough to detect pupil dilation resulting from concentration?

From: Olly Ball, Wilmslow, Cheshire:
Yes, you picked the right card. I wonder how you did that. I shall spend many nights wondering this. I thought of 2 cards actually, and your program picked the one that I thought of first. By thinking of more than one card your program's odds of picking the correct one are greatly improved in my case. Maybe your program preys on peoples inability to make up their mind. Anyway I still don't know how you did it. Fascinating.

From: Larry Lyon, Associate Professor of Chemistry, San Francisco USA:
I enjoyed your esp experiment. Yes, you correctly predicted my selection two times in a row. I think I know how you do it: each day, you ingest a small amount (several mg.) of Harmine alkaloid which is sometimes called Telepathine. Check this out in the Merck Index. You might want to write a book on psychoactive compounds. Very interesting stuff.

From: Victoria Pope, Kingston Surrey:
One card flickers and subliminally calls your attention to it.

From: Wendy Joy, Laugharne, Llareggub, Carmathenshire:
Heh, when I found your esp page there was two other physicists in the office and we were all wondering how can this be true, what's the trick. A colleague looked at the page source code and tried to mess around with the mouse pointer to see if it had any influence. After reading the 'flicker explanation' by Clay F. a card was selected by one of us choosing a number between 1 and 6 without looking at the monitor and the other was on computer as an 'operator' :) It was fun.

From: Yumiko Takeda, Fujimidai, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo:
May I submit that your interesting 98-percent accuracy and impressive Quantum Consistency numbers result from the interaction of two eerily potent universal forces: the formidable Power of Assertion and the unstoppable Human Need for Comfortable Explanations? (If you say those last two words quickly enough with a neurological accent, you get "Confabulations.") How large a factor have you found the Mystical Psychic Atmospherical Impression of Tarot Cards?

From: Elizabeth Knott, Tescos (Delicatessen Counter), Stoke Newington:
Vic, I consider myself an amateur, though enthusiastic, astro-numerologist. Basically, I believe much widely-considered 'supernatural' phenomena is actually a logical numerical pattern intimately linked to planetary orbits and rising constellations (this occurred to me in my coffee break), which many times are hidden to us. These schemes dominate much of our behaviour, and most likely control higher-order communication between all forms of life. We have given sundry names to this: ESP, sixth-sense, telepathy, but it describes the same truth. I am very excited about your experiment, because I feel you have hit upon the core of this communication. Somehow you have interpolated the astro- numerical process and extracted its function, allowing you to "guess" which card I selected, when it's obvious you simply "listened" to the super-dimension dialogue I was having with you. Looking through your code, I see nothing extraordinary, which is even more mind-boggling, I can barely believe you have simplified it so. But that is great news. I understand you would not want this breakthrough to leak out, because mankind is a master our behaviour, and make first contact with other beings in our Universe before truly understanding their nature. Your secret is safe with me, but realise I appreciate your greatness, your unprecedented brilliance, as this card experiment reveals, given its 100% accuracy. Of course, it could also be that because...

From: Gene Nocon, San Diego, California:
The reasoning is simple: if you pre-select your card it is invariably wrong. If you choose while looking at the page, it is correct. The animated gif is a nice distraction from what is really going on. I don't generally believe in ESP, ghosts, spirits astrology or the like, although I did see a flying saucer once, -in a nudist camp after a bloke dropped a cup of tea in his lap?

From: Hugh Janus, Outer Merridian, Zabrisk:
I have no idea how this works. I can handle algebra, so the math behind your algorithm is way beyond me. However, I noticed that if make my card selection from the cards that remain after my first pick, and then return to the pick screen, the program never selects the card I have chosen. I don't have the math skills to figure this out, however.

From: Mary-Ellen Nowell, Chambermaid, Wells Somerset:
It has to be something visual that draws your attention towards particular cards. It's nothing to do with what you click on - that's irrelevant, but there's a visual manipulation of some sort to draw your attention towards a particular card. It may well be shading. Have to go and make the beds now.

From: Dan Gleebles (Finland), University of Lapland
Your program removed several times the card I named, even though I spoke Finnish when naming the card. There are not many people in the Anglo-Saxon world who can read an Finno-Ugric mind that easy (or know any Finnish). Or maybe you're Celtic? In that case, your programming skills would be quite intelligible. With best regards.

From: Mike Hunt, Melton Mowbray:
Dear Vic, I'm a student studying human behaviour on the Internet and I absolutely love the 'ESP Experiment' on your web-site. I think it elegantly proves something I've always suspected people of doing as they interact with things on a screen. Whenever I watch someone read things on a computer they usually highlight the text they are reading or move their cursor around it in some way (this is most noticeable on the web, where clicking is highly prevalent). I wonder if you've done a controlled experiment with something like the ESP test. I'd be very interested in seeing the results. Yours, Mike Hunt.... ps - I worked for almost half a year with Dr. Benoit Mandelbrot in the Watson labs and I'm curious; which group did you work with at IBM?

From: Ujanicabolokof, Moscow:
OK!!! I want to know how this works. I selected a card out loud & my wife sitting with me selected one & didn't say it's name (I didn't even know she had selected one & both cards disappeared!!!!!! If you know what I or my wife are thinking e-mail me before I can finish sending this to you! If you do I'm logging off forever!@!!

From: Robin Kiashek (Hungary):
Hi, I've tried the game with cards on your website... Wow! It works!!! How did you do that? :-) Well, I've an another question to you... Are your books translated into Hungarian language? I'm from Hungary, you know. Well, thanks... bye! -Antal- PS: THAT WAS COOOOOOOL! :-)

From: Lee Higham, Sculptor:
Well, I just did the "card trick" three times in a row, and all three times you (or whom/whatever) picked the correct one. The first time I looked - not stared - at the card of my choice. The second time I only glanced at it. The third time I picked it while simultaneously scanning back & forth over all of them. Three different visual techniques. I did say the name of the card out loud each time. Hmm. Rather interesting. Care to explain? Aww, come on, Vic.....Based on my staggering mental capabilities, I'd be guessing for the rest of my life..! Seriously, though - I was impressed by this experiment. Whether it is literally extra-sensory or the result of something "mechanical" (computer-logic/electronic), I cannot tell....

From: Norman D. Landing, France:
I was looking at your website, when I came upon your ESP Experiment. I was quite puzzled by it, and looked over the page of other's explanations, but doubted that there are mind reading web pages. I decided to totally randomise it, and wrote down the cards with corresponding numbers. I rolled some dice, and with out even looking at the screen, randomly clicked an eye. It always came out correct. Then, without even looking at the die, it came out correct....

From: Eileen Dover, Futtocks End, Chipping Sodbury: I tried all I could to foil the experiment... But still the card I pick disappeared.

From: Isiah (because one eye’s higher than the other), Tel Aviv:
Vic, Do I have any idea how it works? Not a glimmer.

From: Inspector Corner of The Yard, 999 Letsbe Avenue:
I am amazed. I entered your page with a little curiosity and got three straight correct responses. I have not really read all about it but I will go through it.

From: Walter (of Walter Wall Carpets), from Romania:
Dear Victor, This is Walter and Christian, two thirds of an ESP experiment. This is outstanding. Unbelievable when you think it is done by software. We would be very happy if we could receive some explanation. Thank you !!!

From: Hoo Flung Dung, Far East (or as it's known to the Australians, 'Near North'):
Ok, I must admit it. I have tested the page, and the precision of the 'code' is amazing. Is it a psychological trick? I have looked at the code, but I must admit I don't understand what it does... is however a wonderful party trick :-) Best regards. PS: by the way, your predictions are truly superb. I have some difficulty in getting them here on the Yangtze, but your work is amazing. Someone suggested implanted microphones.

From: Mahat Macoat, Cloakroom Attendant, New Delhi:
I don't have any clue as to why it works, but I just know that it does. I tried it at least 17 times, and each time it worked. I would like to talk to you about this, so could you mail me back??? please???

From: Chris P. Bacon, East Ham:
Holy Shit!!! Six tries to beat or see you card system failed! The card selection was correct every time. I'm out of here! GEEEZ!

From: Angus McCoatup, Cloakroom Attendant, Arbroath Scotland:
Dear Victor, I'm curious about your ESP test. I was somehow able to guess which card was going to disappear from my screen, but I couldn't correctly guess which ones would remain. No matter what I tried. Where can I find an explanation for this??? Thanks. Angus.